Photo: Michelle Clever

Our enthusiasm for folk music gets its drive from the freedom of expression in it and the splendid atmosphere with people sharing our interest towards it.

We started off playing together in a street music competition during Ilosaarirock 2011 in Joensuu. Following years consisted only occasional busking during summers. Until in the end of 2014 we decided take things forward. Since that, we have been performing regularly in various venues and events without limitations. From 2016 we have begin to have own songs and this direction is heightening. We enjoy our folk music time more every year!


Trio Beoir is:

Tommo Henttonen – fiddle, mandolin, spoons, saw, vocals

Juha-Matti Kokkonen – guitar, vocals

Janne Ojajärvi – percussions, harmonicas, whistles, vocals

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